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Year 2006/2010, BA (Hons) Degree in International Business;
  Undergraduate First Class Student with Specialization in Hospitality Management and Finance.

Assistant Manager at Redefine International Hotels Management LTD / InterContinental Hotels Group
RIH has vast experience in the management of hotels and operates a number of international branded hotels.

    I am an enthusiastic and hard-working driven person with total commitment to the delivery of the higher standards within the hospitality industry. A proactive, forward thinking individual with dedication for responsibility, results driven and meeting objectives. A genuine, self motivated, confident and unique person, displaying leadership and natural passion, with an ability to develop business, build and maintain strong teams, motivating and mentoring individuals to achieve their potential.

    It all started from my first job where I was working as a member of the entertainment staff and since then I have pursued a career in hospitality. I was keen to gain experience of other cultures and lifestyles while expanding my language capabilities, which I achieved while studying and working in Italy, the USA and the UK.

    I completed a BA (HONS) in International Business with Specialisation in Hospitality Management and Finance; it was from there that I could clearly see the path I wanted to follow. I was inspired to learn about working in different sectors of hospitality and as a result I took various internships and jobs in marketing, front office, switch board and guest relations in a variety of hotels. Having gained this understanding made it an easy transition for me to move to the Duty Manger's position, overseeing Guest Experience & Quality, Health & Safety, Security, Marketing and Forecasting. After 1 year in this role I was promoted to Senior Duty Manager and given the prestigious Hotel Motivator of the Year award in 2011.

    An opportunity to work at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games presented itself about one year ago and I knew I could not let this amazing opportunity pass me by. The role itself was to be hospitality focused but turned out to be one of the biggest learning curves in my career to date. It involved opening the most culturally diverse residence in the world, managing guest experiences and ensuring their time with us is second-to-none. I had the opportunity to work with the best international team on the globe and gain a fantastic experience which I will value for the rest of my life. This is why every day at the village was a dream for me…

    Having had so much influence over individual properties, the Redefine International Hotels Management employed me in order to run projects within the Redefine Management Portfolio and deliver the best results while accomplish the company goals and objectives. I'm now looking forward to the most exciting experiences of my life...

  • Over 9 years proven expertise in Hospitality Management, Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

  • Background in a wide range of countries and Hospitality Companies, able to speak different languages and excellent in resolving and solving problems and challenges, even during working under pressure.

  • Developing an excellent B2B and B2C when dealing with guests (internal and external) or suppliers and travel agents.

  • Listening, understanding, empathizing, helping and solving attitude on duty; carrying out processes and procedures.

  • Scheduling, creating, designing and developing new ideas; base on personal being, experiences or studies. 

  • Quick decision-making, excellent in negotiating and mediating, excellent in using system, tools, and following direction, policy and strategies.

  • AA 5 Stars Customer Service Training Certificate programme. Achieving the highest standard performances in order to exceed customers expectation.

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AA 5 Stars Customer Service Training Certificate AA 5 Stars Customer Service Training Certificate AA 5 Stars Customer Service Training Certificate



"Assistant Manager at Redefine International Hotels Management LTD / IHG"

"Deputy Residential Service Lead during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games"

Assistant Manager at Redefine International Hotels Management LTD / IHG

Redefine International Hotels LTD / IHG Ambassador

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